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Have To Love July 2015 Archive
70's Boho Chic...

70's Boho Chic...

Is Boho Fashion back?! The last time we got this excited about maxi dresses and suede fringing was back in 2007 when Sienna Miller made boho cool.

Since then, we've been all about killer heels, bum-hugging Disco Pants and resurrecting 90s fashion in a major way, but wait! What's this? Is it time to start getting hippy chic again as celebs find their inner hippy souls!

Boho Chic is a style that is inspired by Bohemianism and the fashions of the hippie movement. It has a late ‘60s and early ‘70s flavour that is predominantly casual, although dressy versions of the style do exist too. Think bell sleeves, embroidered and smocked detailing, kimono sleeves, A-line tops, fringe, all shades of brown, high-waisted flared jeans, drawstring necklines, suede, pendant necklaces and empire cuts. It’s a very distinctive style, which is one of its strengths.

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Lindsay Lohan X Lavish Alice at www.havetolove.com

Lindsay Lohan has collaborated with British designer Lavish Alice on a new Autumn Winter 2015 collection. The actress has created a fashion forward range consisting of bold stripes, fashionable fringing and stylish studs, ensuring that her collection is edgy and wearable.

The Mean Girls star has taken inspiration from her own wardrobe to create the affordable pieces which vary from £38-£74, and has opted for a colour palette which ensures the range is timeless. Ms Lohan has been teasing fans with sneak peeks of the collection posted on social media over the last month. 

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The 1970's are BACK!

The 1970's are BACK!

When it comes to trialing new trends, it can all get a little bit daunting.

But rather than cowering behind your 'safe' wardrobe staples - the neutral t-shirts, skinny jeans and tailored blazers - take style inspiration from HaveToLove, who have the power to inspire catwalk trends.

With a new season of 1970s fever hitting Fashion Weeks across the globe, it's safe to say that no harm can be done from adding a classic Seventies-inspired garment or two into your wardrobe this season.

Whether they're rocking flares, mini-skirts or shearling jackets, this blog will tell you the top 5 tips to adopt the Seventies look into your life (without making you look like a dodgy extra from Top Of The Pops).

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