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Have To Love Cosy Up In Cashmere...
Cosy Up In Cashmere...

Cosy Up In Cashmere...

We have a wide range of delicate cashmere jumpers available in the havetolove collection, each popular among women of all shapes and sizes, we are pleased to introduce you to our first season...

The slouchy cowl - a style great for busty or tummy conscious women, available in black or grey, with a fitted sleeve, a delicately draped neckline and a relaxed loose fitting body. This has been one of our best sellers of the season.

The ruffle dress - a very feminine style, great for taller ladies, or for someone wanting to add shape to their figure. Its long body means its great as a dress option. The detail comes in its statement ruffle detail down either side. Available in grey.

The bat-wing jumper - available in black, grey and purple, this style is a great basic. With a loosely fitted body and ribbed hem mean its great for the more petite lady, as it can be rouched up the body with good effect. The neckline is a relaxed polo style and the sleeves are half fitted to the arm with joined detail to the body.

The long v-neck jumper - available in both beige and pink this jumper is as simple as it comes and suiting to all. With a deep v-neckline the body is closely fitted with small split details either side of the hem with fitted long sleeves to finish.

The long polo-neck - available in beige or grey with relaxed polo neck feature which can also be worn pulled down off the shoulder. The body is long and fitted to the body complete with full length sleeves. A great style for all women as the length is super flattering.

And Finally, the bell jumper - only available in beige, this style has a loose fitting polo neck with full length sleeves with ribbed cuff. The body is fitted close at the bust and flares out into a baby-doll style with subtle pleats. A feminine style, great for tummy conscious women. Looks great styled with a think belt.

We hope you love our new 100% Cashmere collection, consisting of forever pieces you will cherish.

Bye for now,

The havetolove girls x

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