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Have To Love Havetolove Lauren...
Havetolove Lauren...

Havetolove Lauren...

We asked Lauren a few questions, so you guys could get to know her a bit better, just like we do here at Havetolove!

"Lauren! What's your favourite pizza topping?"

"Ooo, I'd say vegetarian with lots of garlic..."

"Mmm, good choice! What about your favourite crisps?"

"My fav crisps are definitely walkers pickled onion!"

"For our customer style inspiration, what's your favourite clothing item in your wardrobe?"

"Oh no! This is so difficult, haha! I'd have to say one of my havetolove jumpers of course as I love being warm and cosy!"

"AH! Us too! Your make-up always looks so flawless during our time photo shooting with you! What's your favourite make-up item in your make-up bag?"

"Definitely have to say my mascara, I look like an egg if I don't have it on!"

"Don't be silly, you definitely don't! We know your a fan of travelling, but where's your favourite place to visit?"

"My favourite place to visit is Africa. I have just been with my family this year!"

"And finally, What's your favourite thing to do?"

"I love going for walks with my pooches up in the moors!"

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