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"It's An Experimental Playground!"


"It's an experimental playground" Alexa Chung excitingly told us when she was interviewed at London Fashion Week 2016. This year London has seen an increase of guests from trade to lovers, more and more people continue to flock from around the world to see the creations of inspirational designers. With statements being made, new designers being found and trends being set, this fashion week I feel can be summed up in 4 simple statements!
London is renowned for being the craziest, creative city when it comes to fashion. There is simply no where like it. The NEWGEN collections are known for bringing the surprise elements to Fashion Week, with a youthful and modern perspective given from the fashion designers such as Molly Goddard and Ryan Lo. Ashely Williams demonstrated this forward-thinking in her latest collection which is comprised of graphics and slogans with a futuristic look. The NEWGEN designers play a major part within Fashion Week as many look to them for inspiration from their creativity as the project who they are as a person and a designer through their collections creating an excitement movement within young fashion lovers.
"Christopher Kane’s signature of constant innovation and rebellious femininity perfectly complements one of Crocs." Crocs are known for being so-called ugly shoes beloved of chefs, hospital workers and surfers on account of their "spray clean" qualities. Kane's take was rocks on Crocs, marble-printed rubber pimped with sparkling rocks and crystals. This emphasises the forward thinking of designers in London, rather than creating a new product Christopher Kane has chosen to spice up the bland design to form a stylish, colourful and youthful shoe for all to wear. Even though this creation has been highlighted a main feature of LFW, I personally don't know if this design will change the already formed identity of the shoes itself. Changing the colour and add-ons may not be enough to rehabilitate the CROCS.
Burberry surprised the fashion industry, making a bold move to allow customers to buy straight from the catwalk. Previewing their A/W 2016 collection which will be sold straight off the catwalk has disrupted the fashion industry but in a positive way. Fast fashion is now being pushed through luxury brands, giving the fashion world a bright future as of the many developments and changes happening every year! The see-now-buy-now theory of Burberry is just one bold move made at fashion week, I hope more luxury brands jump on board this journey to form a new futuristic fashion industry!
The photos below are all the popular designs within Fashion Week, showing all the trends of this season!




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